Why Guscio?

Fun or glamorous, vintage or bizarre cover cases for smartphones and tablets have become an accessory to stand out, a real wardrobe.

Our covers thus combine the aesthetic need with the practical and functional one.

This is where the Guscio project was born, created by a group of close-knit people with solid skills acquired over the years in different but complementary areas.

Fashion, design, art and new technologies, a wealth of knowledge and experience that moves the team every day in the search for a quality and original product.

The craftsmanship of the process and a meticulous care in the various aspects of the process, the study of the graphic and their adaptation to each model of smartphone and tablets, the preparation of materials and quality control.

Everything is accompanied by the "Made in Italy" brand.


The creative staff elaborates original graphics giving life to a universal language, fun and irreverent.

Creations are fundamental elements to make the product recognizable and unique.

The distinctive trait of design is mixed with the fashion trends and feelings of the people who buy the Guscio product.