• Screen Protector
    Always keep your smartphone polished with iPhone protective film. Guscio store also features Samsung screen protector to prevent scratches on the display. Always keep your mobile device in your pocket with Huawei adhesive films and do not be afraid of ruining it. Thin films are practical to apply and adapt perfectly to any original model.
  • Tempered glass
    Are you afraid that your smartphone's display will be damaged? Choose iPhone protective glass film and you will not be afraid anymore. Samsung tempered glass will allow you to always carry your phone with you, even in rough conditions. In the Guscio store online shop you will also find Huawei protective films, made of strong and adhesive glass, and universal cases not only from Apple.
  • Power bank
    Do not run out of battery! Charge your Smartphone wherever you are with the Guscio Power Bank. It is very useful during a journey but also during your daily routine: With its capacity of 5000 mAh, it guarantees the energy you need to keep surfing the Internet with your Smartphone or working with your Tab. The Guscio Power Bank is thin, lightweight and very handy. You can find it in many original designs by Guscio; it is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Other accessories
    Give a jewel to your smartphone, communicate who you are with interchangeable stickers, always bring with you the initial of those who make your heart beat with the personalized pendants... Are you a romantic getaway? For you pom pom of all colors. Personalize your smartphone Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Wiko with Guscio store and you will envy all your friends.
    Have you always dreamt of charging your Smarphone by simply laying it on an elegant and super thin support? It is now possible thanks to the Guscio Wireless Charger! You can choose yours among many different designs. It will look gorgeous on your desk and it will be very useful to you, by charging your phone limitless and cable free. In fact, when you do not use it, you can simply lay it on the charger plate and…. Voilà! It will be charged and ready to be used once again.
    Have you already experienced that situation in which you cannot use your smartphone with one hand because it is difficult, if not impossible? From now on you can resolve the problem thanks to the Phone Grip by Guscio. This pretty stick has to be applied on the phone back and, through an easy gesture, it becomes a useful support that you can wear as a ring or you can use as a stand. The Phone Grip helps you in many situations, as taking selfies or video watching. It is available in many super colorful Guscio designs.